YouTube has a released a guide to help musicians optimize their videos and channels to grow their fan base. The ‘Playbook Guide’ offers tips on everything from release strategies, upload frequencies, and tactics for better engagement with fans. If you’re actively putting content on YouTube (read- Hey, everyone!), I’d highly recommend taking a look. It’s a free PDF.

Check out the full YouTube Playbook Guide For Music.

Here are some of the highlights from the guide:


Optimizing Your Videos & Channel

– Include heavily searched terms in your titles. Start with song title, artist name, and then album name.

– In your video thumbnails feature the most compelling image. Make sure it’s relevant to the video content.

– Choose a single channel, multi-channel, or curator layout depending the type of content you want to release.


Releasing an Album or Song

– Create promotional and supplemental video assets. This could include: album or song teaser videos, behind-the-scenes or making-of videos, interviews, lyric videos, or samplers of the album (see guide for tips on using annotations).

– Brand all the content on your landing page, with everything pointing to the song or album.

– Leverage your top performing videos by adding annotations or posting new videos as a response to your popular videos.

– Ask you fans to create re-mixes or covers of your songs.


Content Upload Frequency

– You don’t always need to upload new content. Likes, comments, and adding videos to your playlists show up just the same in feeds as uploads

– Make sure the content you’re curating compliments your content.


Increasing Watch Times

– Include covers, re-mixes, and other videos to diversify your channel content.

– Incorporate full concert footage, short films, and documentaries into the channel.


This really only scratches the surface of the suggestions that the guide offers. Again, I’d encourage any artist posting videos to YouTube to take look at the guide and optimize their channel accordingly. The playbook also links to some great resources on copyright tips and content IDs.

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