Inlet Sound cover ‘Bittersweet Symphony’

We joined up with Inlet Sound and Southern Souls at Verge Music Lab to record and film a few tunes. Check out their version of The Verve’s ‘Bittersweet Symphony’.



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In Studio – Alright Alright – “Stay The Night”

We cranked the dial on our most recent minimalist session, bringing Alright Alright into Verge Music Lab to flex some Rock n’ Roll muscle. The goal of our “minimalist” recording sessions is to capture the vintage, live-off-the-floor vibe that was so […]

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4 Tips to Avoid Nasty In-Studio Band Arguments

The studio can be a unique environment as far as emotions are concerned. Sessions tend to run the gamut from fun and light-hearted to tense and taxing, often hitting the full spectrum in one day.

Arguments are inevitable (we are human […]

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In Studio – Joshua Van Tassel – ‘Sharpest Corner’

Sonic mastermind Joshua Van Tassel is featured in our latest studio session at Verge Music Lab. Playing along with our ‘minimalist’ recording experiment Joshua and his band recorded the track ‘Sneaky Beard’ live-off-the-floor, with one mic per instrument.

The entire session […]

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Joshua Van Tassel Studio Session Photos

We were back at Verge Music lab a few weeks ago, along with our pals at Orange Peel Pictures, shooting a session with sonic mastermind Joshua Van Tassel. Josh and his incredible band played a live-off-the-floor version of […]

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In Studio – Trent Severn – ‘Freedom’

For the latest installment of our live studio series we enlisted the help of three tremendous Canadian talents. Collectively known as Trent Severn, Emm Gryner, Dayna Manning, and Laura C. Bates bring their soaring harmonies and Canadian pride into the studio to lay […]

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Trent Severn Studio Session Photos

For the latest installment of our minimalist recording series we enlisted the help of three tremendous Canadian talents. Collectively known as Trent Severn, Emm Gryner, Dayna […]

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Justin Dunlop – “City Riff” (Live Studio Footage)

Here’s an awesome video of Justin Dunlop’s recording session for the track “City Riff”, off his latest EP Set You On The Run. Filmed and edited by multi-instrumentalist (and keyboard player in the video), Andrew Kesler.

Be sure to check out […]

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Talk Shop: Guitarists Adrian Gross & Darryl Poulsen on Studio Performance Tips

At the end of our guitar tech Q&A with session guitarists Darryl Poulsen and Adrian Gross, the two began discussing some of the  non-technical […]

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The Boxcar Boys Recording Session Photos

We’ve been having the best time working with The Boxcar Boys on their latest record. They’ve enlisted Mojito’s help to record, mix and master their newest record. If you’re not familiar with the Toronto locals, […]

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