In Studio – Joshua Van Tassel – ‘Sharpest Corner’

Sonic mastermind Joshua Van Tassel is featured in our latest studio session at Verge Music Lab. Playing along with our ‘minimalist’ recording experiment Joshua and his band recorded the track ‘Sneaky Beard’ live-off-the-floor, with one mic per instrument.

The entire session […]

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Joshua Van Tassel Studio Session Photos

We were back at Verge Music lab a few weeks ago, along with our pals at Orange Peel Pictures, shooting a session with sonic mastermind Joshua Van Tassel. Josh and his incredible band played a live-off-the-floor version of […]

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In Studio – Trent Severn – ‘Freedom’

For the latest installment of our live studio series we enlisted the help of three tremendous Canadian talents. Collectively known as Trent Severn, Emm Gryner, Dayna Manning, and Laura C. Bates bring their soaring harmonies and Canadian pride into the studio to lay […]

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Talk Shop: Q&A with Paul Chirka of OCL Studios


 The biggest mistake is like the first day of school and showing up without your pencils… Make sure you’re prepared” – Paul Chirka 


MM: What’s the story behind OCL? This is an impressive facility. How did it all come […]

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