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According to a study released by Music Ally, Canadian music sales in 2011 actually saw some growth for the first time in over 4 years. The study put the total trade value of Canadian music sales at $394.4 million, which works out to an annual growth of 2.3%.

Unsurprisingly, physical music sales continue to fall, dropping 13.6% to $232.6 million. However, this drop was made up for (and more) through the sale of digital music, which increased by 38.9% to $162.4 million.

This means that the gap between physical and digital sales continues to close as the split breaks down to 59/41 in favor of physical sales.

In comparison with 2011’s $394.4m sales figure, we only sold $375m in 2010, and $377.4 in 2009. As far as digital music goes, single track downloads were up 40%, and full album downloads were up 46.8%. Great news for an industry that has seen brighter financial days!

To see the full Canadian profile from the study, head over to Music Canada.



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