Yet another awesome post coming out of the CD Baby camp. This time the focus is on promoting your music using the popular photo app, Instagram.

One of the fastest growing social media sites, Instagram had over 100 million registered users as of Fall 2012. It’s a great tool for bands to document show photos, jam sessions, and life on the road, and gives fans another way to connect to their favorite artists.

Chris Robley wrote a great post for CD Baby called: Instagram for Bands: 10 Quick Tips to Promoting Your Music with Hip Images

He lays out 10 great pieces of advice to help artists promote themselves through Instagram. Check out some of our favorites:

Point 1 & 2- Sync & Share Photos To All Social Media Platforms

As Robley points out, different music fans prefer different social media channels. Make sure your photos can been seen everywhere that you have a social media presence (Twitter, Facebook, website, etc.). Instagram makes is easy to sync the app to your social media accounts for easy sharing.

If you’re using Instagram for personal use, just be sure the right photos are being sent to the correct audience!


Trent Severn Instagram - Mojito MasteringPoint 4- Post a Photo Series

This is a great way to keep fans engaged, and coming them back to check out more photos. Maybe you photograph a specific thing in every city you tour through. Or keep a photo journal of your road meals. Humor often wins with these kinds of series’.


Point 5- Use Hashtags

Hashtags group your photos together with photos from other Instagramers who use the same hashtags. This makes your photos more visible to users with similar interests, and can be a great way to connect to new fans.


Point 8- Captions Make or Break the Image

A photo doesn’t need to be amazing if it has a great caption to go along with it. You can turn boring photos of mundane life into hilarious pieces of shareable content if you use the right caption. As Robley suggests, try to be clear and brief.


For the rest of the tips from this great list head over to the full article on CD Baby. Be sure to follow Mojito Mastering on Instagram