Last night Leslie Feist deservedly took home the 2012 Polaris Prize for her album ‘Metals’. While Polaris always results in some hot debate over personal preferences and the formulas for determining “artistic merit”, I think it’s fair to say that the prize went to a deserving artist.

Feist has built a career by writing stunning albums, and ‘Metals’ was no exception.

Any award that asks a jury to select the best album of the year (based solely off artistic merit) and then puts megastar mainstream rap artist Drake up against the uber-artsy, eastern-influenced Yamantaka//Sonic Titan is going to stir the pot. There are many opinions as to how one even goes about comparing the musical equivalent of apples to oranges.

While enjoying the gala and live-streamed performances last night, I landed on what I believe should be a definitive factor in awarding Polaris. Longevity. Is this a record that we’ll be talking about in 10 years?

Last night we watched ten talented artists play songs from ten impressive albums. However, when I hold up each of those albums to the test of longevity, I’m not convinced they’re all going to pass. I believe Feist was a solid choice for the Polaris Prize because I think Metals is an album that people will still be discussing, admiring, and spinning 10 (20, 30…) years down the road.

Of course with such a subjective prize this is only my take, and I’d love to hear some other opinions on this one.

Congratulations to Feist on a deserving award, and thanks to Polaris for drawing the spotlight to the rich and wonderful pool of Canadian music.




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