4 Website Mistakes Bands Shouldn’t Make

While social media has changed the way we learn about and follow our favourite artists, band websites are still one of the most simple and effective tools to help grow fan bases and boost careers. They’re the common go-to when […]

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Best Foot Forward (Part 2): More Tips For Pitching Music Bloggers

As the digital environment continues to shape the landscape of the music industry, getting coverage from music bloggers can be as critical to an artists success as radio has been throughout the last number of decades.

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Soundcloud vs Bandcamp: Waging the Music Wars

As Myspace sits a few nails away from a closed coffin (read our views on that here), the next wave of digital music platforms has already worked its way into band portfolios. While a number of online music services […]

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Best Foot Forward (Part 1): 4 Tips For Pitching Music Blogs

With music blogs filling the role of yesterday’s A&R, audiences have turned to bloggers to break the next “big thing”. As bands crowd the World Wide Web, getting a blogger’s attention poses a unique challenge. Here are a few tips […]

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Roundhouse Kickstarter

Tips for reaching your target from two successful campaigns.

In the last year, fundraising for creative projects has seen a major  shift. A process once ruled by arts grants and record labels has now been substantially democratized. The ability […]

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4 Tips For a Successful Viral Video: What We Can Learn From Walk Off The Earth

If you aren’t one of the millions of people already familiar with Walk Off The Earth’s massive viral success, here’s the deal:

The Canadian indie band from Burlington threw a cover of Gotye’s ‘Somebody That I Used To Know’ on YouTube […]

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