Talk Shop: Photographer Stephen McGill on the Importance of Concert Photos

I’m a big believer that live shows are the most important thing for a band to get right.Stephen McGill 


MM: How did you get your start in concert photography?

SM: Started with an amateur interest in bringing my […]

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Talk Shop: Grant Writer Catharine Bird on Successful Grant Proposals

I’ve learned what works, what causes problems with the juries, and how to present projects so that they have all the best chances they could possibly muster.Catharine Bird

MM: What kinds of things do you look for […]

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Talk Shop: Designer Jud Haynes on Album Artwork and Poster Design

Folks do judge books by the cover, especially when you’re starting out… Pull out your favourite band’s latest album, and make yours better than theirs.Jud Haynes

MM: What’s the story behind your work? How did you get into […]

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Talk Shop: CKDM Music Director Bruce Leperre on Getting Your Music to Radio

It doesn’t matter who you are and what sort of music you play, for people to know who you are someone has to give you a chance to be heard.

Bruce Leperre

MM: What’s the story behind […]

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Talk Shop: Electric Kiwi’s Ross Barber on Building a Great Artist Website

The website should definitely reflect the artist’s music and personality wherever possible – Ross Barber


MM: How did you get your start in design? What’s the story behind Electric Kiwi?

RB: I’ve been designing for years. I started pretty much […]

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Talk Shop: Guitarists Adrian Gross & Darryl Poulsen on Studio Performance Tips

At the end of our guitar tech Q&A with session guitarists Darryl Poulsen and Adrian Gross, the two began discussing some of the  non-technical […]

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Talk Shop: Steve Major of Verge Music Lab on Gear Choice and Building a Studio

Practicality first… Every choice is either something that’s critical to the studio working, or something that will up our game. – Steve Major  

MM: What’s the story behind Verge Music Lab? How did you guys start up?

SM: Verge Music Lab […]

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Talk Shop: Drummer/Producer Joshua Van Tassel on Drum Tech & Session Work

You basically want to be one less thing anyone has to worry about in a potentially stressful situation.Joshua Van Tassel

MM: When did you get your start playing drums? How did you get into session work?

JVT: My […]

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Talk Shop: Cameron House’s Cosmo Ferraro on Booking Bands

If you stick with quality and give them a chance the crowds will comeCosmo Ferraro

MM: How long have you been booking bands? How did you come to be the booking agent at Cameron House?

CF: I have been […]

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Talk Shop: Darryl Poulsen & Adrian Gross on Guitar Set-Up & Studio Tips (Part 2/2)

... Continued from Part 1

We talk with Darryl Poulsen and Adrian Gross, Toronto-based session guitarists, about their tech set-up and approach to going […]

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Talk Shop: Darryl Poulsen & Adrian Gross on Guitar Set-Up & Studio Tips (Part 1/2)

Darryl Poulsen and Adrian Gross play together in Toronto bluegrass bands, The Slocan Ramblers, and Sorry Cousins. As accomplished guitarists the two play extensively, both live and in the studio as session musicians. We sat down to chat about guitar […]

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Talk Shop: Q&A with Music Photographer Courtney Lee Yip

 We have these digital bedrooms online and we decorate them how we see fit – Courtney Lee Yip 


MM: What’s the story behind your career? How did you get your start in music photography?

CLY: My first job out of university […]

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