While social media has changed the way we learn about and follow our favourite artists, band websites are still one of the most simple and effective tools to help grow fan bases and boost careers. They’re the common go-to when audiences need information and are often the first result in a Google search. Here are a few mistakes band’s should try to avoid when maintaining an artist website.


1) Missing Contact Info

Bono - Mojito Mastering, Toronto, Canada

I know this one seems like a no-brainer for ANY site, but the truth is a shocking number of artist websites seem to forget this critically important piece of info. Booking agents, press requests, and fans could all be trying to reach out, and countless opportunities could be missed if you don’t make contact simple.

At the very least, make sure a working email address is provided anywhere someone might be looking to get in touch (this includes Facebook and social networks). Bono could be looking to collab with you right now… make sure he can get in touch!


2) Confusing Navigation

Nothing forces a visitor to leave a website quicker than confusion. If I need to solve a jigsaw puzzle to find out your tour dates, I’m probably just going to leave. Attention spans are short, and information needs to be easily accessible. An artist site should be easy to navigate and obvious to even the dullest of minds.

Put yourself in the shoes of someone who has never visited your site. No matter what page, piece of content, or information they’re trying to find, is it obvious as to how they can find it?


3) No Way To Buy

Unless money just “isn’t your thing”, artists should always use their website as an opportunity for sales. Whether it’s tickets, CD/MP3’s, merch, or ideally all the above, make sure your site offers fans clear instruction as to how they can make a purchase.

If you aren’t going to host a store directly from your site (maybe you use iTunes for music or a merch service) give clear directions and working links to where buyers can get the goods.


4) Not Keeping it Current

An artist website acts as a pretty strong reflection of the artist themselves. Not updating your website can indicate that you aren’t an active musician, or that you don’t take your work seriously.

Keep your website current. Take down show dates that have passed, offer news and updates, and keep your fans engaged by posting new content.


Did we miss any glaring mistakes that band’s tend to make with their websites? Post them below!

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