Earlier this week, digital music distributor CD Baby caught my eye when they posted ‘The Ultimate YouTube Guide For Musicians’.

As we learned from the MusicMetric report released a few weeks ago, YouTube is far and away the #1 resource for new music discovery.

The ‘Ultimate Guide’ gives some extremely useful tips as to how musicians should set up their YouTube channels and video content to maximize exposure and capitalize on the power of the promotional platform.

If you’re a musician and reading this, I HIGHLY recommend you get yourself a copy of The Ultimate YouTube Guide For Musicians. It’s completely FREE and has some outstanding tips.

Here are some of the highlight tips from the guide:


1) Fill Out Descriptions & Tags For Your Channel

Search Engine Optimization is the name of the game here. You want to load up your descriptions and tags with relevant keywords that will help audiences find your music. YouTube is used as a search tool, so you want to include as much relevant info as possible to help searchers track you down.

Be sure to include links to your website and social media pages in your descriptions. Give your audiences a clear path to find out more about you or hear more music.


2) Use Annotations as a Call to Action

The YouTube ‘Annotations’ feature allows you add comments, info, and links right in to the video itself. Use the annotations as to call to action, asking your viewers to subscribe, “like” your social pages, or post comments.

You can also use the annotations to drive audiences to your other content, website, or wherever they can purchase your music or merch.


3) 15 Minutes Seconds of Fame

To swipe a quote from the guide itself, “YouTube is proving there’s some truth to Andy Warhol’s saying, “in the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes.” Only now, 15 seconds may be all you get.”

Attention spans are short and with billions of things to watch online, your content needs to captivate quickly. When creating or posting new content, consider how engaged your viewer is likely to be within the first 15 seconds. Hit ’em with something interesting off the bat!


4) Look Into the YouTube Partner Program

This is where the artist (or any video uploader) can make money off of ad-share revenue. This of course will only apply if you’re posting original content, or have a license to use copyrighted material, but if you have original videos you may be eligible for ad revenues. You can get more info on the YouTube Partner Program here.


Once again, I highly recommend you check out the full The Ultimate YouTube Guide For Musicians. It’s stockpiled with plenty of great tips and strategies to set up your channels and profile. For more quick-hit tips you can also check out CD Baby’s article ‘Top 5 Tips For Effective Music Video Promotion on YouTube’.