Ontario To Give $45M In New Music Grants!

The Ontario government made a huge splash in the music world today, announcing that it will be spending $45 million in new music grants over the next three years. The announcement was made by Charles Sousa (Finance Minister), Michael Chan […]

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Music Ontario Announces Music Development Workshops

Music Ontario has announced their first round of professional development workshops, geared towards helping artists’ grow their careers in the music industry. The first three workshops will be held on April 24th, May 1st and May 8th at […]

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Music Industry Revenues on the Rise (& What That Means For Your Career)

The IFPI (International Federation of the Phonographic Industry) released their annual music industry report earlier this week, only this time -unlike a number of years prior- there was an overall sense of good news for the music community.

Global […]

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Rebound: Canadian Music Sales On The Rise

Anna F. - concert at the cultural center WUK i...

According to a study released by Music Ally, Canadian music sales in […]

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Investing in Music: Record Companies & the Cost of Breaking Bands (Crazy Stats!)

For companies that have seen better days, record labels still operate with a tremendous pool of resources.

Earlier this week, the IFPI released a report that highlights the impact that major and independent record companies continue to have […]

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The Upper Hand: Is SoundCloud Winning the Music Wars?

Over the last couple months, we’ve written articles about how bands should delete their Myspace accounts, and that the new era of digital music platform supremacy is being fought by […]

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Talk Shop: Q&A with Brian Thompson of Thorny Bleeder

Be as creative with your online identity and brand as you are with the creation of your music itself.”

Brian Thompson 

MM: How did you get your start in the music industry? What motivated you […]

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Reuben Talks Mastering With MusicBox Artist Consulting

Reuben sat down with music industry consultant Bonnie McGrew of MusicBox Artist Consulting for a Q & A about mastering. They discuss what exactly mastering is, how much artists can expect to pay, and […]

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Talk Shop: Q&A with Bonnie McGrew of MusicBox Artist Consulting

Be honest, humble and thankful for everyone who helps you along the way. Reputation is KEY and this industry is smaller than anyone knows”

– Bonnie McGrew

MM: What’s the story behind MusicBox? What inspired you to start your own […]

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The Art of a Plan: An Interview with Musi’s Heather Kelly

It’s incredible how much goal setting and being organized will, like any business, help a band get to where they want to go” – Heather Kelly

What’s the story behind Musi Artist Development? How did it come together?

I began […]

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