Hot Wax: When Does It Make Sense For a Band To Press Vinyl Records?

We often hear artists talk about pressing their latest projects to vinyl. It’s no myth that pressing vinyl records is expensive, especially when compared to the (essentially) free digital distribution possibilities that the internet provides.

We decided to break down vinyl […]

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Rebound: Canadian Music Sales On The Rise

Anna F. - concert at the cultural center WUK i...

According to a study released by Music Ally, Canadian music sales in […]

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The Upper Hand: Is SoundCloud Winning the Music Wars?

Over the last couple months, we’ve written articles about how bands should delete their Myspace accounts, and that the new era of digital music platform supremacy is being fought by […]

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The Art of a Plan: An Interview with Musi’s Heather Kelly

It’s incredible how much goal setting and being organized will, like any business, help a band get to where they want to go” – Heather Kelly

What’s the story behind Musi Artist Development? How did it come together?

I began […]

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