In the name of experimentation we came up with another studio session concept that would allow us to have a little fun blending genres. We had been hanging out with the guys in The Slocan Ramblers, all of whom are incredible musicians and make up an extremely tight bluegrass band.

These guys have a knack for clever and unique arrangements, so we figured why not bring in different songwriters and have The Slocans do bluegrass arrangements of their songs?

To capture the collaboration we brought in Arts & Rec Productions to turn the experiment into a mini-documentary.

The session features the incredibly talented Toronto-based singer-songwriter Jadea Kelly. Jadea and the The Slocan Ramblers chose to perform ‘Never Coming Back’ from Jadea’s album Eastbound Platform, as well as a cover of The Beatles’ ‘I’m Looking Through You’ from their album Rubber Soul.

Check out some behind the scenes photos of the session with Jadea Kelly & The Slocan Ramblers!