The Canadian performance rights organization SOCAN just released a study that sheds some interesting light on Canadian music and the role it plays in the lives of our citizens.

Conducted by Leger Marketing, the SOCAN Music Appreciation Survey sampled Canadian adults across the country and found that 85% suggest that music plays an important role in their life.

Check out SOCAN’s breakdown of the study.

It’s worth reading the results (positive stuff), but here are a couple of the highlights:

85% of people answered the question “How Important Is Music In Your Life?“, with either “Very Important” (40%), or “Somewhat Important (45%)

90% agreed that the musician should receive most of the proceeds from the sale of an original song. Labels 5%. Retailers 2%. Government 1%.

29% said their first choice of item to bring on a vacation was a music device. Books won with 49%. Sporting Gear 9%. DVD player 6%. Video Game Console 4%.

– The answer to the question “I would like to have dinner or a beer with a famous Canadian…” broke down as follows: Musician 23%, Actor 21%, Athlete 18%, Writer 13%, Politician 13%.

Note: This is especially impressive considering the survey was conducted right after the conclusion of the 2012 London Summer Olympics.

Well done Canada! Keep supporting your Canadian musicians!