It’s been a busy week for the RIAA and other organizations attempting to fight the battle against piracy. One that includes that suing Limewire for more money than is in existence on this entire planet. Here are some headlines from this week in music:

RIAA Claims Limewire Owes Them $72 Trillion

Yes. TRILLION. To put that into perspective, the amount of money on planet Earth totals $60 Trillion. Meaning RIAA is suing for $12 trillion MORE than the amount that is in existence. The RIAA is claiming damages from the (now defunct) Limewire service; asking $150,000 from every download of 11,000 illegal tracks.

Boston U Student Stuck With 675k Fine for File-Sharing

Busy week for the RIAA really. A U.S. Supreme court rejected an appeal bid from Joel Tenenbaum, the Boston Univesity student who was sued for $675,000 by the RIAA in 2004 for uploading and sharing 30 songs on the (also defunct) Kazaa service. Despite the fine originally being deemed “unconstitutionally excessive” the Court upheld the ruling on request from the RIAA. At $22k a pop, those better have been some damn good songs! Glad to see the RIAA reaching out and connecting with their market.

English: Wayne Coyne of The Flaming Lips, perf...

Flaming Lips Attempt to Break Guinness World Record

For the ‘most live concerts in 24 hours in multiple cities’. The record is currently held be Jay-Z who did 7 shows back in 2006. Wayne Coyne et al. will look to SHATTER the record… by playing 8.

Image representing Rdio as depicted in CrunchBase

Rdio Working on a Plan to Compensate Artists

In attempt to catch up with other subscriber based radio services like Rhapsody and Spotify, Rdio has announced that they will compensate artists who can bring them subscribers. Internet radio services have taken a PR hit lately for their (often unclear) handling of artist royalty payments.

Under the proposed plan, it’s assumed that artists would get some type of added royalty for every subscriber that signs up through them- a move that could add a nice stream of revenue for artists of all sizes.


Any crazy music headlines that we missed? Post them below!

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