Music Ontario has announced their first round of professional development workshops, geared towards helping artists’ grow their careers in the music industry. The first three workshops will be held on April 24th, May 1st and May 8th at the glorious price of ‘Free’!

We’ve had the pleasure of attending some other panel discussions organized by Music Ontario head Scott Honsberger, and can’t recommend them enough. He brings in great panelists who offer tremendous insight into some of the challenging aspects of today’s industry. Space is limited so sign up right away!

The workshops include:

Sync’d Up (April 24)- Exploring the world of music placements, and how to get you music into Film, TV, Games, and other media.

Sound & Vision (May 1)- Exploring the role of video in an artists career. The panel will include videographers, filmmakers, and those involved on the business side.

Reaching New Audiences (May 8)-  Providing insight into music marketing basics with a look at traditional, social, and lifestyle media marketing.

Really, can’t endorse these enough. Head over to Music Ontario for more info and to register.