Our session has hit the airwaves! Our good friends Southern Souls and the session we did with The Elwins and Luke Lalonde got a ton of love from the fine folks at Sound FM.

DJ Steel and DJ Ad Rock host a show called Mano A Mano. Each show the DJ’s pick four songs based around a theme. This episode, the ENTIRE show was based off the awesome work of Mitch Fillion and the Southern Souls team.

The Mojito Session with Luke and The Elwins covering Beyonce’s ‘Countdown’ was chosen as the “knockout punch”, with a mention of the “superb audio quality”. High-Five!

Check out the Mano A Mano, Southern Souls show here!

(The whole show is great- They start discussing our session around the 1:01:00 mark).

Thanks to Mano A Mano, and congrats to Southern Souls- much deserved!