Hey Friends!

The Juno’s are accepting submissions for the 2013 awards that will be held in Regina. The deadline to have your application in is November 13th! You’re eligible if you:

a) Are Canadian or are a landed immigrant and have lived here for six months

b) Have an album available for sale in-store or online

c) Released your album between September 1, 2011 and November 13, 2012.

Head over to Juno Submissions to register and start your application. As a head’s up, you’ll need (according to the website):

– A short artist bio (200 words)

– Electronic band/artist photo

– Contact info and copies of your album

– plus a couple other small things… check the website for a full checklist

AND! Since you learn something new every day, here are some fun facts about the Juno’s that I just discovered!

– Only 9 out of 42 categories have a sales component.

– They’re adding a new category for “Adult Contemporary Album of the Year”.

– You can actually submit the same project twice, barring you weren’t nominated the first time and your album release falls within the acceptance dates.

For full application info head over to the Juno Awards website and win yourself one of these guys:

Juno Awards- Mojito Mastering