I use a custom vacuum tube and transformer based signal chain, with an emphasis on quality over quantity.  I believe that focusing on a minimal chain, using the highest quality components, results in the best sounding masters.  To achieve that, I’ve personally built or modified everything in my chain.
There are no transistors, op-amps or any active solid-state components.  Just good old tubes and iron.
I don’t shy away from digital tools either, as long as they’re “proudly digital”. In other words, I don’t use any analog emulation plugins. My real tube gear does a much better job at achieving tone and depth. I use digital processing for the tasks they’re best suited for, and let the analog gear do the rest.
A full gear page is currently under construction.  In the meantime, you can check out my instagram page to check out my existing pieces.  I’ll also be posting there about my upcoming builds.  Fair warning though; you may have to endure some cute puppy pics. 🙂
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