Here’s a cool piece of music industry news that I haven’t seen getting a ton of coverage. Figured it’s worthy of a post!

It was announced today that Re:Sound (a Canadian not-for-profit music licensing company) and Sound Exchange (an American performance rights organization) have reached a bilateral agreement that will award Canadian rights owners royalties when their music is played in the US.

Any work licensed by Sound Exchange will be covered, which for Canadian artists means any rights holders who have deals with AVLA, ACTRA, Artisti, MROC, and SOPROQ. That’s a pretty big deal considering the agreement covers American satellite radio, internet radio, streaming services and cable TV music channels.

As Graham Henderson, President of AVLA states “…(artists) don’t have to join SoundExchange in order to do this, but as a result of the bilateral agreement, can collect their earnings through the organization in Canada to which they already belong.”

I’m grabbing this info from a Music Canada press release that was sent out today. Check it out for yourself! I’m curious to see if SOCAN strikes up a similar type of deal with any American rights organizations. Either way, it’s a step forward for Canadian artists, and worth considering if you’re thinking of licensing your music in the US.


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